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Sustainable MinistryHelping Christian Leaders Thrive

Qualified Heart Sync Minister

Find Lasting Inner Healing with Ruth

I help Christian women find joy & flourishing relationships with skills and prayer that gave my life and marriage JOY!!!

The Transformation You Can Expect:

  • Restore your joy and intimacy with God.

  • Understand how your brain works

  • Complete inner freedom

  • Experience Joy and purpose

How I Can Help:

  • 1-1 tailored coaching in experiencing JOY! This is what is missing in so many relationships - we are just going through the motions.

  • Training for groups and ministries and churches.

  • Uncover root issues with insightful prayer. HeartSync can heal things other ministries miss.

  • Gentle, compassionate approach

  • Proven success with 30+ clients

  • Qualified Heart Sync Minister and trained in The Life Model. 20+ years equipping Christians.

Next Steps:

  • Book a free clarity call to see if working together is a good fit. Get on the path to sustainable inner healing in as little as 3 sessions.

  • Limited availability due to my personal approach.

Say Yes to Lasting Transformation

"The most competent coach for pastors that I know. There is no-one else more capable that I could recommend" Bishop Bill Atwood

Helping Leaders Grow

I help overwhelmed but outwardly successful leaders understand your relationships & experience wellbeing. Using skills that helped my marriage and church to flourish.

Benefits You Can Expect:

  • Avoid burnout

  • Be happier and more relational

  • Build vibrant, emotionally intelligent people

  • Create sustainable communities, Lead with fresh vision.

  • Gain clarity and implement positive change

  • Cut out wasted time using proven AI tools

How It Works:

  • 1-on-1 tailored coaching program

  • Insightful courses

  • Unique mix of brain science, spirituality and AI tools

What Next:

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Struggling to find Calm?

Finally Find PeaceOur course How to Calm Down and Find Peace gives you the tools to

  • Self-regulate anxiety,

  • Deepen intimacy with God,

  • Become more peaceful - Or your money back.

  • Start your journey now.

"The appreciation and calming methods that you have taught have already had an immediate and positive impact on my life. I am more peaceful and appreciate many more things in life than I used to."

Facing Burnout?

Ditch OverwhelmFree 3-Step Prayer Framework to Overcome Burnout

  • A helpful place to start

  • Simple

  • Short

  • Being with God in what you are going through

Transform Team Culture with Our Free Toolkit

Get instant access to our free toolkit with 11 proven team exercises to create a thriving culture of joy and prevent burnout fast.
Use in your team to:

  • Rapidly build connection

  • Spark more vibrancy and energy

  • Experience deeper alignment

  • Implement insights from top culture models

Inside you'll find:

  • 11 exercises for your team

  • Instantly build connection

  • Latest 2024 Insights from the Life & Andrew Huberman