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Christian Gratitude Journal
7 Steps to Life-Changing Appreciation: 

Feel more positive, happier, and closer to God

Helping You
Become Your Happier You

My guided journal can help you develop appreciation, which research confirms is central to a happy life.

    A Secret Sauce to Flourishing

    Everyone wants to flourish, but sadly, we see the opposite when we look around us. Many of us suffer needlessly because we are unaware of the secret of appreciation, which allows us to flourish consistently and predictably. It is wrong to keep the resources that help hidden in the Bible or in the minds of Christian psychologists and psychiatrists. It's time we used them.

    What Other Gratitude Journals are Missing

    Being thankful in God's way will improve your mood and warm up your relationships. You can experience God more deeply and improve all aspects of your life. My exercises will help you be thankful more effectively and feel more positive. Typically, gratitude journals instruct you to focus on three things you appreciate. This is a good place to start, but there are proven steps you can take to take your appreciation to the next level. The journal explains how.

    Concrete Steps for Your Quiet Times

    Developed from 60 years of Christian ministry experience, I show you concrete steps for developing laser-sharp appreciation. This is the first gratitude journal based on the work of clinical psychologist Dr Jim Wilder and psychiatrist Dr Karl Lehman, who have each spent 30 years studying the overlap between our walk with Jesus and thanksgiving.

Your Mood Will Improve

This is the first gratitude journal based on the work of clinical psychologist Dr Jim Wilder and psychiatrist Dr Karl Lehman. They have each spent 30 years studying the overlap between our walk with Jesus and thanksgiving. They found that

◆ Your mood will improve and you will feel more positive as you learn from their insights. This will impact your career, relationships, and day.

◆ When you involve God in appreciation, you will remember things long-forgotten, gain insight into your life, and gain a deeper understanding of your relationship with him. As you apply appreciation to other areas of your life, they too will improve.

If you want to feel happier 

If you want to
♥ feel happier and have better relationships, or
♥ discover God's presence in your life, or
♥ live a more fulfilling life
Use this journal!
That’s what I did.

Despite work stress, illness in my family, and having to move due to water damage, I resolved not just to survive but to thrive. Through my daily journey of gratitude, described in this journal, I experienced a sense of warmth and lightness in my chest, replacing the tightness caused by stress. Happiness enabled me to help my family, church, and others. In turn, I gained a deeper understanding of myself and of God and felt more fulfilled. And you can enjoy those benefits as well. Don't you want that as a Christian? Check out this book, do the exercises, and see for yourself how "we enter his gates with thanksgiving in our hearts."


Use the Journal

  • in your quiet time

  • in your family

  • in your small group

  • in your church

  • in your workplace

Flip Through My Christian Gratitude Journal

Use the Journal Because it

★ Works because it is based in practice. I have used it for myself and in groups. This means that it contains practical exercises which work. It takes time and a series of steps to grow in appreciation and the journal is based around those.

★ Contains stories. Because I published the book on Amazon, I have updated it with stories that bring to life the points being made.

★ Has a biblical basis. Thanksgiving is a foundational Christian habit and perspective. As 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 puts it, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” It has Bible verses throughout the pages.

★ Is designed to help you grow in your relationships - with God and others.

★ Works because it takes seriously the way God made our brains. Brain science has showed us why the biblical call to be thankful is so smart. It also helps us see why lengthening the time we spend in thankfulness and improving the way we do it helps us pray, relate to others and feel better.

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