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"The most competent coach for pastors that I know.
There is no-one else more capable that I could recommend"

Bishop Bill Atwood

Living Well and Leading Positively

Despite Criticism, Time Pressure, Money Troubles or Stress

I'm Mike. I've been in ministry for 30 years and I am still enjoying ministering in a poor multicultural area.

I love to help Christian Leaders live well and lead positively so you & your church are dynamic, purposeful, God-led and happy.

Are you a Christian leader who wants to live well and lead positively so you & your church are dynamic, purposeful, God-led and happy?

  • I help Christian leaders discover a more dynamic, purposeful, God-led and happier approach. 

  • So that you and your church are dynamic, purposeful, God-led and mature, your relationships are positive and you are growing as a person; 

  • So that you have a sense that you are where God intends you, doing what God intends as the person God intends you to be and see God's kingdom unfold; 

  • So that your church feels whole, happy and healthy, you avoid burnout, your relationships with God and your close ones are healthy.

Talk to Mike

Why Mike?

Mike has led 6 churches and enabled other leaders find their way to developing dynamic, purposeful,God-led and happy churches. This includes a leader of New Wine (a network of 10,000 churches).

Mike’s church was described as “the most emotionally intelligent church I have ever seen” in a context described by a consultant as “the most complex I have seen in 30 years of ministry.”

Mike has two firsts in theology (MTh and an MA) as well as a degree in Business Economics. He was accepted for a doctorate but felt led to move to his current ministry in multicultural Luton where he runs a major church in a poor area. He is trained cross-culturally, in coaching, and in the application of brain science to Christianity. 

A life-changing cycling accident forced Mike to recover from PTSD or lose his ministry. The insights, skills and disciplines he learnt in recovery mean he has a deep formation in Christ, and a deeply sympathetic ministry. This gave him the insights to create a video course on calming, an appreciation journal, and skills in heart healing through both HeartSync and Immanuel Prayer approaches.  

Training missionaries in Korea

If you would like to go on my waiting list for coaching then get in touch!

Equipping Your People

Church leaders: Helping you equip your people

    Our church has a motto. "Simple, sustainable and joyful." Just yesterday my Senior Administrator thanked me for this maxim because we really do live by it. If it isn't "Simple, sustainable and joyful" it won't last in our context so we have to change how we are ministering to get to this ideal.

Is your church happy?

Like many churches, we had to move from "duty to joy." When I arrived at my church we did a survey and the consultant identified our main challenge as needing to move to joy from duty. We have made the movement into a more relational joyful church where we define joy as "the happiness of being with each other and with God." 

  • People need to feel calm and at peace for others to feel safe with them, so we have an online course dedicated to guiding people toward peace and calm.

  • Our Christian Gratitude Journal is designed to help people develop a stronger relationship with God through thankfulness. 

  • Using the Life Model Movement as a model, we teach people 19 skills for happy relationships. Christian psychologists, psychiatrists, theologians, and pastors have developed this system of emotional intelligence and relationship enrichment that is effective and transformative.

    Do you have a framework for leading positively, dynamically and purposefully?

    Coaching with Mike can help you with that.

    Asking the questions like, Where is the energy in church? What is God doing? How can we heighten the experience of church life?opens up new possibilities that you can explore.

    So that your church is more dynamic and purposeful, 

    So you can naturally build momentum sustainably.

    Using coaching, you can bounce things around and gain insight into what you are doing and pivot it for more success.

    My planner is shaped for the busy Christian leader to become more effective.

  • Contact Mike to go on his waiting list for coaching.

  • Planner designed for Christian leaders trying to implement Life Model principles in their lives and church. 

    How's your walk with Jesus? When was the last time someone asked you that?

    Being God-led and happy are based in your walk with God. This has been the key focus for my ministry over the last 30 years. Helping you hear from God. Helping you kick-start your walk with God again.

    The benefits of this are a reality and dynamism in your ministry. So that whatever your circumstances you see God's kingdom emerging in different ways. So that however hard things are you sense God's fingerprints in your ministry.  

    Nothing is off-limits in our coaching conversations and I am on your side. It's okay for Christian leaders to lose their sense of God it can happen .

    Resources to help include.

  • Contact Mike to go on his waiting list for Heart Sync Prayer or coaching.

  • Christian Gratitude Journal designed to help people's relationship with God. 

  • Handouts for your members.

  • Liturgy / worship resources.

Talk to Mike


How to Calm down and find peace - Online Course

This is the perfect course for personal or small group use. There is content, exercises and biblical teaching. People have found this very helpful.

 "Mike Jones is the person with the deepest understanding of how to calm and come to peace that I have ever known."Bishop Bill Atwood


Would you like to feel positive, happier, and closer to God?

This is a practical, life-changing journal from Mike with★ Bible verses to encourage you;★ Prayer exercises;★ Gratitude prompts to change your outlook on life;★ Stories.

If you want to be the person God created you to be, this journal will help you★ improve your mood;★ experience God’s presence;★ feel happier and closer to God;★ be a more positive presence for those around you.

“This is a fabulous book that helps you look at the good things in your life. It helped to lift me out of depression."

"10/10 would definitely recommend! Very useful resource when you need to find calm before you start a busy day!"

"Fab. It is written in a way that is easy to read and understand but goes deep. The exercises are really helpful. Would recommend." Amazon Reviews.


The Purposeful Planner

This planner is a practical companion to• Develop a purposeful life• Grow in your walk with God.• Cultivate emotional health and enrich your relationships• Achieve more while doing less.

"An Amazing Planner" 
Amy Brown, Alive & Well and Thrive Today

"Superb Planner, changed my daily life I use this planner everyday and it's transformed my work, personal and spiritual life! It's helped me create consistent habits and has brought focus back to my day (I actively pursue my long term goals rather than wasting the day!). In addition, It's integration of brain skills and Christian mindfulness takes personal development way beyond your ordinary planner." Amazon Review.


 Free Resource For Worship

Thanksgiving - Lament - Confession

This is a deceptively simple process. Here we replace the classic beginning in a mainstream church (confession) or a free-flowing service (prayer / praise) with one that moves from thanksgiving through lament into confession.

Developed in response to our need to help people connect with God and their emotions, this is a prayer sequence that we often use.

Thanksgiving has the benefit of helping people connect with their relationship with God (because it switches the relationship part of the brain on); lament helps people stay out of a sense of unreality by being real about things that are painful; the approach doesn't wallow there but it moves into confession which breaks down the barriers between us and God and each other.

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