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Understanding Joyskills

Connecting with warmth is a dying art

Yet, the joy we feel when we connect this way shows us how God made us. Deep within our hearts is a longing for a warm, joyful connection.

God wired our brains to feel joy when a baby's eyes twinkle. This feeling is nonverbal and more rapid than a thought. It's like a joyful dance. Babies enjoy being at the center of attention. It creates a loving attachment that is spontaneous, connected, and happy. Fear subsides as we tune in and live in harmony.

Joyskills help us tune into this joy that God designed. As this happens, our brain chemistry changes, and so do our desires. This is how God designed it. It is through joy that we can know who we are and belong to others.

Our capacity grows and as this happens, the better we understand how we can engage with others.

Q What are the skills?

A They are relational skills that grow warm-hearted relationships and rewire your patterns of reaction to a happier more emotionally and relationally mature. They result in your making a journey from stuck to flourishing.

Q What do you do?

A. Knowing the skills and integrating them into our lives are very different. Our ministry is focused around helping you to integrate them into your life. As you do so, everything round you changes for the better. Some of our ministry is focused around coaching and training. The other part is prayer and meeting with God to ask him to bring us inner wholeness.

Q How do I apply these in my church or organisation?

A. Leaders usually want to start with implementing these things in their organisation or church which works brilliantly. However you can only implement what you yourself are doing. Learning skills is like riding a bike. Everyone can see whether or not you can do it and talking bike riding theory is different to being a skilful cyclist. You do not have to be skilful to bring your people on the journey. You just have to say, "We are on this journey. Come do it with me." You just have to be willing to implement the skills to keep yourself and your people growing.

Q What is the fastest way to learn?

A. Coaching and HeartSync Prayer are the fastest way to develop.

Try our How to Calm Down and Find Peace Course for yourself or a small group.

Use Mike’s gratitude journal

Book us for a training weekend / online group.

Q What do I do next?

A. Book a session with Ruth

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