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The Joyskills Story

Joyskills began when we wanted to help others find the joy and freedom we were discovering. We began with ten weeks of skills training and teaching using brain science and prayer. People's lives were changed and so we repeated the training and here we are! 

We wanted to help people move from stuck to flourishing. We were making the journey ourselves and we wanted other people to get the healing and breakthrough that we had both found.

Our own journey began when Ruth couldn't get out of a chronic panic attack lasting 3 months. We had previously pursued healing from many avenues of Christian healing and deliverance over the years, but the Lord led us to the Life Model and as we learnt its skills and connected in new ways to God our lives changed for the better. The new relational and emotional skills we learned changed us and stopped the panic attacks.

As we researched, lived out and trained others, we found people were stepping into new ways of connecting with and encountering Jesus. As we helped other people be with Jesus they too were changed.

The Lord led Mike to HeartSync where we received further growth and we are trained in heart healing prayer by Father Andrew and the HeartSync movement.

Our unique approach has emerged through combining Ruth’s artistic and transformational emphasis with Mike’s researching, teaching and coaching approach.   

We help other people move from stuck to flourishing by integrating the latest neuroscience techniques with Christian formation and Biblical Values. We help you then empower and equip others with the skills to build healthy, authentic relationships that will bring personal transformation to themselves and to those they love. 

© Mike Jones 2021

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