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From Stuck to Flourishing

Do you ever feel there is more?

Flourishing means living from peace and joy, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus promised us abundant life and a relationship with him. But for many of us that abundance and flourishing feels unobtainable. We know there is more. We try different kinds of healing prayer, or courses or advice or counselling but we still feel stuck in pain or unhappiness. We have good news- we found the keys to getting unstuck and flourishing! Many of us have been living from the left side of our brain and have not realised that this is only half of the way God made us to live. By realising how God actually made our brains to work, eyes will be opened and a paradigm shift will begin. There are skills that are missing in your life and you had no idea! These insights from brain science will help you out from being stuck. This is our story.

Brain science has been studied by Christians for 30 years and we have found that even those of us with emotional or relational troubles can journey to flourishing.

We are a trauma-aware ministry that helps people, churches and ministries escape from stuck and arrive at flourishing. We do this through combining insights from neuroscience and Christianity and train people in these skills (Joyskills) and pray for people using a brain-aware approach called HeartSync. 

We offer coaching, training, heart healing prayer and a variety of resources

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Our Story

Sudden panic attacks used to plague Ruth. Prayer could stop them. But we didn't want to pray every night for Ruth to sleep. During our search for a way forward, the Lord led us to Jim Wilder's teaching that we all need 19 brain skills to flourish. When we lack those skills, we lack the resilience to cope with life's difficulties. You can live a more wholehearted Christian life as you develop those skills (Joyskills). The more we developed those skills, the better our relationship became, Ruth's panic attacks stopped, and we gained a deeper understanding of ourselves. 

From the inside out, we trained people in how to grow happiness and joy. That was Joyskills. In his own ministry, Mike used them to create a planner and appreciation journal for his mentoring relationships. People gained an understanding of themselves and grew because of these skills. Furthermore, they helped leaders understand why their own people struggled in their Christian discipleship.

The Lord then gave Mike a vision and told him to investigate HeartSync. Using this method of prayer can help people grow from the inside-out without re-traumatizing them. 

Through our ministry, people get the skills they need to grow and heal from the inside out

People can use these skills for themselves and in their organizations. For example, in church or business, as you spot when people are becoming non-relational, you need to change your approach to them because no-one can effectively work with a client, boss or worker who is in “enemy mode”. Or the other month we were training Korean missionaries who described the training as “paradigm-shifting” and “life-transforming.” Last week, Ruth was praying for people in inner healing or coaching them in skills to grow their relationships and joy. Mike mostly employs the skills and prayer in the local church.

If you would like to find out how the skills can help you, then get in touch with Ruth at [email protected]

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What people say about Joyskills

People love the changes in their lives

" Mike and Ruth’s passion and belief in the power of JoySkills techniques to change one’s life really shines through, and gave me faith to believe it could work for me. ''


Luton, UK

" The appreciation and calming methods that you have taught have already had an immediate and positive impact on my life. I am more peaceful and appreciate many more things in life than I used to. ''


Bedfordshire, UK

" Your knowledge of the subject matter, as well as your ability to make everyone feel welcomed and accepted was such an encouragement. ''


Luton, UK

Who is JOYSKILLS for ?

   Individuals, marriages and families

   Leaders, vicars & pastors.

   Local churches, small groups

   Chaplains, missionaries, para church organisations

What do we offer you? 

 One-on-one coaching

 One-on-one freedom prayer

 How to calm Down and Find Peace - Video Course  

 Leadership Development 

Teaching and Training.



Mike knows more about calming than anyone else I know!

Bishop Bill Atwood, USA

The appreciation and calming methods that you have taught have already had an immediate and positive impact on my life. I am more peaceful and appreciate many more things in life than I used to.

Julie, UK


 Do you feel stuck? Or do people round you need some help? Despite our best efforts, many of us are stuck in our Christian walk and feel stuck in negative patterns of thinking. Maybe you have lost hope things can be better. 

Why is this?

Even though the church trains us to think, they help us pray and they ask God to fill us with His spirit, they often leave us as half-brained spiritual believers. Let me explain. Like us, you may have learned the basics of discipleship, been taught about prayer and spiritual warfare, and developed the fruit of the Spirit. God has spoken to you and shown you his power, but no one has helped you to develop the relational part of your mind. It is time to train your whole mind.

What do we mean?

It is likely that no-one taught you how to develop the part of your brain that stores and processes emotions. Ignoring this area eventually leads to failure. This situation catches many Christian leaders by surprise. In contrast, God designed your brain in such a way that when you understand how he made it, learn some skills, and apply them, you can achieve spiritual, emotional, and relational growth again. This protects you from major conflicts and lessens the power of temptation in the future.

Healing and transformation are possible for you as well as for those around you. It can happen at home, at work, or with friends. There are ways for you and those around you to move from stuck to flourishing. The possibilities are endless. When your right brain and left brain work in harmony with God, you can experience peace, joy, and character transformation.

Using Joyskills for church discipleship provides the missing ingredients for lasting transformation. Developed after 30 years of research and practice by the Christian ministries Life Model and Heart Sync.

We help you

Get past some of your roadworks to personal growth
Improve your relationships
Develop an intimate connection with God
Understand yourself
Live with a sense of your calling and purpose

Go from Stuck to Flourishing!


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