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Calorie-Free Happiness

Most Christians want to flourish. That means living from peace, joy and the leading of the spirit. This life is too short to hang around waiting for the abundant life Jesus promised us. It’s not right that we are not let into the secret that there is a calorie-free shortcut to happiness and flourishing that we find when we “enter his gates with thanksgiving”. It's not the gratitude you find in a normal journal because any of who have done them find them repetitive, uninspiring and difficult to do over a long period of time. There is a varied, interesting, easy approach that you can find in my appreciation journal.

“This is a fabulous book that helps you look at the good things in your life. It helped to lift me out of depression.

- Amazon Review.

An Amazing Planner

Amy Brown, Alive & Well and Thrive Today

Superb Planner, changed my daily life I use this planner everyday and it's transformed my work, personal and spiritual life! It's helped me create consistent habits and has brought focus back to my day (I actively pursue my long term goals rather than wasting the day!). In addition, It's integration of brain skills and Christian mindfulness takes personal development way beyond your ordinary planner.

Amazon review

Your Life Back in Focus

You arrive home worn out yet wonder where the day went.
- You go to bed and briefly worry about your relationships and figure that you will remember to pray tomorrow.
- At the end of the year, you realize you didn’t do what you hoped to do.
- You know you can’t work harder and still hold on to your relationships and walk with God.
There is a better way when you use the Purposeful Planner.

The Purposeful Planner helps you overcome the overwhelm of life and
★ Develop a purposeful approach to work and life
★ Grow in your walk with God.
★ Cultivate emotional health and enrich your relationships.

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